'Die' created at The Power Station, Dallas by Oscar Tuazon is another works which 1ina100 artist Felix Melia is currently inspired by. Here Tuazon talks about his practise:

"I’ve always worked in a crawl space, that’s a recurrent thing in my life, working under houses. Some things nobody is going to do for you, that goes even if you got money to throw at it and I do. I only need a little light to work. I do what I need to do. I get down on my gut and get down to work in the dirt, I wear half a shirt on the bottom of my face. I make my own space, I don’t work hard I work smart, I get high, I brick myself in and get high, I get by. What do you think I think about? I just, I close my eyes and throw mortar between the stones with a trowel.

I started with nothing and look where I am now. What’re my rights? A man has to fight. The conditions were never right, the conditions for a revolutionary consciousness are never in place, the conditions actually are always there, a kind of figment of the air, a molecule more than a condition, a virus, I mean there are no material conditions, just something we’re breathing and we don’t even know it. I actually have to scratch in the dirt to make my living, there’s no way around it and never will be, feller. And I don’t know that replacing a thing actually changes it, say if I’m repointing a wall it’s still a wall right. A thing doesn’t know what itis. There’s something down there I need to get to, just space, something you can’t put your hand on. I’ll know when I see it, I’ll see it." (Oscar Tuazon)